Cheap Florida Divorce

Sometimes “cheap” only means inexpensive. The complete cost for the Fast Florida Divorce service is either one payment of $195 or two payments of $99.

Straightforward and Affordable Pricing

If you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of your divorce, then you can use this website to prepare all of the paperwork required to start and finish your uncontested Florida divorce case online. We prepare all of the divorce documents you will need in order to obtain a Final Judgment on Dissolution of Marriage in Florida.

We will prepare all the case documents to reflect the agreement you and your spouse reach. Your divorce case documents will be accurate, and they will contain the necessary language pertinent for your specific situation and set of circumstances. The website will provide you with detailed, step-by-step case completion instructions for you to finalize your uncontested divorce case with the appropriate district court.

We also provide an additional E-Notary and/or E-Filing service. If you choose the E-Notary option, then for an additional fee we will provide the required notarization services online. Florida courts require some documents to have notarized signatures. If you choose our E-Notary service, then you can complete those required steps without leaving your home.

With our E-Filing service, we will file your divorce documents with the court to start your case, and then we will monitor the process. We will file your documents with the court to complete your divorce. When your divorce is completed, the court will send you the Final Judgment on Dissolution of Marriage as well as any other final court documents.

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Are their cheaper options?

Many online services are provided by individuals who are not licensed Florida attorneys, nor are they experienced technicians with knowledge about Florida law. Most “online divorce” websites are document preparation services that consist of software programs or typing services that take your personal data and and plug it into generic divorce documents exactly as you’ve provided it to them.

Non-attorney services cannot draft unique legal language for you. Only an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida can answer your legal questions about Florida law, provide legal advice to you about Florida law, and help you sort out questions about your Florida divorce case.

By using our online attorney Fast Florida Divorce service, you are assured that your case documents will be prepared by a duly licensed Florida attorney experienced in Florida divorce and family law. Your divorce case documents will be drafted to specifically reflect your situation, circumstances, and agreements with your spouse.

Is the attorney included in the price?

Yes, the attorney is involved with every set of divorce documents we prepare. Each set of documents is completed in the same way as if prepared in our attorney’s traditional law practice. There is no additional or hidden fee to have the attorney prepare your documents.


This is our favorite question to answer. The attorney team who oversees the services provided through Fast Florida Divorce has more than thirty years of family law experience. That experience includes nearly fifteen years of involvement in the delivery of online legal services. Through that time, we have learned that a high percentage of people divorcing are in agreement on all issues; they want to divorce cooperatively, and they know what they want. They want to be sure that their paperwork is prepared properly. They don’t want to take the hours it might take them to figure out how to complete the required paperwork on their own – and then have the stress associated with hoping they did it right. But they also don’t want to have to pay $1,500 (or more!) to have the paperwork drafted by an attorney through traditional representation.

These individuals are willing to pay a fair price to ensure that their divorce process is completed properly, and to make sure that their paperwork accurately reflects the agreement they reached. That is where Fast Florida Divorce comes in!

At Fast Florida Divorce, we believe in online legal services because through these services, the clients/customers benefit (with quality and accurate paperwork); the courts benefit (because the paperwork presented to the court is professionally and properly completed); and we benefit – because we can feel good about delivering a quality product for an affordable price, and because our streamlined process allows us to serve a high volume of people.

It is very rare to be able to say a service is a win (customer) – win (courts) – win (Fast Florida Divorce) proposition, but ours is, and that is why we do what we do.