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All the legal services provided via this website are delivered by an online attorney duly licensed to practice law in the State of Florida. In addition, the online attorney and other professionals have extensive experience with family law matters. Using a professional team that is experienced with Florida laws and court procedures to prepare all your divorce documents ensures your case will not be delayed or dismissed by the Court due to improperly drafted or missing documents. All of the documents the online attorney prepares are drafted specifically to your unique situation and set of circumstances.

At Fast Florida Divorce an experienced Florida attorney always drafts your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. The Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage not only legally ends your marriage, but also spells out how property and debts are to be divided, addresses spousal support, if applicable, and details all matters related to minor children. Using this website to prepare your uncontested divorce case ensures your case documents will contain all the necessary legal language that reflects the current divorce laws and complies with all pertinent court rules. In addition, your documents should accurately reflect the agreements you reached with your spouse. Some agreements may not be approved by Florida judges for a variety of reasons. Should your agreements with your spouse be unlikely to be approved by a judge reviewing your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, the online attorney will bring such matters to your attention allowing you to amend any problematic agreements and eliminate delays with finalizing your divorce.

Don’t go it alone

Divorce, even uncontested divorce, can be overwhelming. Thanks to Fast Florida Divorce the legal process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

In an uncontested divorce there are many steps to complete in order to finalize your divorce. At Fast Florida Divorce, we complete every step for you or assist you with completing any steps you prefer to do yourself. Some steps don’t require an attorney. For example, easier steps like delivering the documents to the court or obtaining signatures from your spouse. By doing these steps yourself, you can simply take the documents we provide to you and complete these steps yourself. Or, if you prefer, you and your spouse can sign all the paperwork online with our E-notary service. You can then have the online attorney E-file the paperwork for you.

Divorce is overwhelming, but the legal process doesn’t have to be. With Fast Florida Divorce, you aren’t going it alone. We are here to help you and to draft all your legal documents for you and the online attorney is available to answer your questions.