Florida Divorce and Parenting Education Requirement

Florida laws require that all divorcing parents with minor children complete a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. The law states that it is in a child's best interest if parents understand the divorce process and its impact on their child. Florida statute 61.21 explains the requirement in detail.

The parent education course may be taken online, but only from a course approved by Florida's Department of Children and Families. Each parent must submit a Certificate of Completion to the court. In an agreed divorce, the parents have 45 days to complete an approved course. However, the judge can't finalize your divorce without a Certificate of Completion from an approved course.

It is best to have the course completed when your case is filed with the court. Also, the law recommends that the parent education course be taken and completed as soon as possible. The course at Our Parenting Class is approved by Florida's Department of Children and Families and accepted by all District Courts in Florida. Also, www.fastfloridadivorce.com has established a process to receive a copy of our customer’s certificate directly from OurParentingClass.com. This automatic exchange is beneficial if you use www.fastfloridadivorce.com to E-file your case with the court. Otherwise, you will be responsible for printing and mailing the Certificates of Completion to the court.

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