We have helped thousands divorce

Given our affordable pricing and professional attorney service, couples choose Fast Florida Divorce when seeking an uncontested divorce in Florida. Through our online services, we have assisted thousands of couples legally end their marriage.

Insufficient and inaccurate documents frustrate the courts and the couples seeking uncontested divorce in Florida.

The high cost of traditional attorney representation and the unwillingness of many attorneys to offer limited legal services has forced many couples to use non-attorney alternatives. This can be a tricky situation, as non-attorneys are not permitted to practice law in Florida. That means the most basic legal advice cannot be provided, or a non-attorney might provide legal advice in violation of the law. There is little recourse if a non-attorney gives inaccurate or erroneous information because that non-attorney is not required to comply with the rules of The Florida Bar.

Fast Florida Divorce is operated by attorneys licensed to practice law in Florida.

For those couples who have obtained “assistance” from non-attorney websites, they might find themselves in a situation where the assistance received is merely a transcription of data. The service may consist of sophisticated typing services where the couples’ personal data is merged onto generic divorce form templates.

It is not uncommon for these couples to encounter delays with the court due to incomplete or improper documents and/or missing or improperly written legal language within the documents. These errors could prevent judges from finalizing a divorce case until the documents are corrected and made legally accurate. In some situations, a Judge will dismiss a case if errors are not timely corrected. We remain involved until your divorce is finalized. If there is a problem, then you can contact us and we will respond and assist. We know which attorney was assigned to your documents, and that attorney will be involved with the review and response to your/the court’s question. We take pride in the services we provide, and we want everyone who uses our service to be very pleased with the work we do.

Our website and service was created to make quality legal services accessible to everyone. You shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars if you and your spouse are in agreement on all issues. You also shouldn’t have to cross your fingers and hope that the service you are purchasing is legitimate.

Through our Fast Florida Divorce online process, you can complete all of the paperwork required for your agreed divorce online.

You can also choose our Virtual Divorce Process (E-Notary and E-File add-on service) to complete the entire divorce process online! If that is your choice, then you will not have to print a single document; visit a lawyer’s office; search for a notary; or make a single trip to the courthouse.

Fast Florida Divorce is proud to offer our practical, high quality attorney services entirely online for a fraction of the price of traditional attorney representation.