Experience, Knowledge, and Competence Matter

Fast Florida Divorce legal services are delivered quickly and entirely online. Our team has provided complete divorce paperwork to thousands of divorcing couples; we possess over fifty years of combined experience. With all of this experience, we pioneered a proven, efficient, and entirely online divorce service.

Until recently, couples embarking on an “agreed divorce” or “uncontested divorce” in Florida had no way to complete their divorce entirely online. We changed that. Not only can we complete all of your divorce paperwork online (after you have completed our comprehensive online questionnaire), but we also offer additional services through which we can provide E-Notary services for your required notarizations, and we can E-File your paperwork to start and then complete your divorce. In choosing these options, you can start and finish your entire divorce process without ever leaving your home if you so choose!

There are very few internet-only service options providing couples with online legal services. Most “online divorce” websites are operated by non-attorneys. Non-attorneys are not permitted to practice law. They can fill in forms with the exact words and language you provide, but they cannot legally do any more than that.

Educate yourself. Know what you are buying. Experience, knowledge, and competence matter.

You should have an attorney prepare your divorce paperwork

Just as every person and every couple is unique, so is every divorce. Even an “agreed” or “uncontested” divorce may have an issue (or issues) that require careful language or experienced drafting. Using a licensed Florida attorney who is familiar with family law issues makes a difference.

If you knew that your car needed a basic tune up and the price is the same for both, would you take your car to an experienced, licensed, and bonded mechanic who is very familiar with your particular type of car, or would you take your car to a person who works at a car wash? Even though it’s “just a tune up”, it seems most of us would choose the experienced mechanic. The same goes for who you choose to prepare your divorce paperwork. If possible, then use an attorney. At Fast Florida Divorce, we work hard to make it possible for everyone to be able to use an attorney for their divorce.

Even with agreed or uncontested divorces, very serious issues are being resolved. It is incredibly important that your paperwork accurately reflect your agreements. We strongly recommend that you have a duly licensed Florida attorney prepare your divorce paperwork for you. Whether it is an attorney through Fast Florida Divorce or another attorney, you should have an attorney prepare your divorce paperwork.

Fortunately, with Fast Florida Divorce, you can have an attorney prepare your agreed/uncontested divorce paperwork at a non-attorney price. We believe that quality legal services should be accessible to everyone.

Why so many people choose Fast Florida Divorce

First and foremost, people choose Fast Florida Divorce because our services are precisely what we advertise them to be. We provide quality divorce documents that reflect the agreements and information provided to us by our customers. Our documents are professionally prepared; they are accepted and approved by the court; and our customers are happy with the quality, the speed, and the ultimate result: a completed divorce.

When we say people use our service because it is precisely what we advertise it to be, we mean that:

  • Our online process is fast; completing the online questionnaire can take as little as 15 minutes;
  • All divorce paperwork is prepared by a duly licensed Florida attorney just as it is done in a traditional law office;
  • All documents are professionally and accurately drafted;
  • You receive all the documents for a complete divorce case including step by step instructions if you choose to manage the printing, notarization/signing, and filing with the court on your own;
  • For an additional charge, we offer a Virtual Divorce option that includes E-Notary services (for the documents requiring a notary) and an E-File service. With this option, we provide the Notary Public who will witness your signatures online, and we E-File your case with the court, and then monitor the process and keep you up to date.
  • Our services are affordable and payment plans are available.
  • We provide real service; this is not a do-it-yourself self-help divorce kit

If you are considering divorce, check to see if your situation qualifies for Fast Florida Divorce.