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Complete your divorce 100% online, if you qualify.

This website simplifies and streamlines the divorce process, so that the entire divorce process is available and can be completed online. You can choose to have every step of the process completed for you, or we can assist you with any steps you choose to do yourself.

The website process is easy. You complete the online questionnaire. The online attorney then reviews your information and asks for additional information or clarification, if needed. Your divorce paperwork is prepared based on your particular situation and circumstances and the information you’ve provided. The divorce paperwork is prepared to meet and comply with the requirements of the Florida Circuit Court.

Once your paperwork is completed, it is then emailed to you or available for download. Upon receipt of the attorney prepared paperwork, you and your spouse must sign and notarize the paperwork. You can choose to use our Virtual Divorce process and use our virtual signing session to both sign and notarize your divorce papers via your smartphone. Your spouse will then do the same.

Once you and your spouse have properly signed all of the paperwork, the Virtual Divorce is completed by us E-filing the paperwork with the court. We handle the court process for you. For divorces we E-file the divorces are completed in about three weeks and no court appearance is required by you or your spouse.

By choosing our Virtual Divorce Service (includes E-Notary and E-Filing), your divorce process will be completed virtually. There will be nothing to print; no driving to find a notary; no coordinating meetings with your spouse to review and sign the paperwork; and no trips to the courthouse or the post office to file or mail paperwork.

If you prefer to do some of the work yourself, then you and your spouse can simply take the documents we prepare and print, sign, notarize, and mail the paperwork to the court by following simple, detailed instructions that we will provide to you. There is no requirement for you to use our Virtual Divorce Service.

In either scenario, Florida divorce laws require twenty days to pass after you file your initial request for divorce with the Circuit Court for a Judge can grant your divorce. The sooner you file your official Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the court, the sooner the twenty-day (20 day) clock begins.

Thousands use our fast, virtual divorce process each year to complete their agreed divorce without any office or court visits. We know that there are some people – even attorneys – who might tell you that at least one of the parties (you or your spouse) must go to court at least one time in order to get a divorce completed. This is not accurate. We have assisted with the completion of thousands of divorces in Florida for which no court appearance was required.

When you use Fast Florida Divorce, you can be certain that your divorce paperwork will be legally accurate and comply with Florida laws and rules that control divorce in Florida.