100% Online Florida Divorce

Our services are delivered entirely over the internet. This means that you never have to make an appointment, pay for parking, or visit an attorney’s office. Through our online proce ss, we will fully complete all of the divorce paperwork you need to start and finish your divorce.

You and your spouse can complete your agreed divorce from the comfort of your own home or office. Delivering all legal services online means that we do not have the typical overhead as traditional attorneys or large companies with lots of office space. These savings are in turn passed on to you.

We prepare every document you need to start and complete your divorce. When using our online legal services, you do not have to be concerned about forgetting a particular document or step in the process. We complete every step for you or assist you with the final steps if you prefer to sign and notarize the documents locally and submit the paperwork to the court yourself.

The legal process for starting and finishing a divorce can be confusing. Many people do not realize that obtaining a divorce requires a commencement of a formal legal proceeding. There is a misconception that an agreed divorce is as simple as filing a few standardized forms at your local courthouse. In reality, even “simple” divorce cases must go through multiple steps in order to reach the judge who must then review and approve your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

With Fast Florida Divorce, you can choose to have us start and complete your uncontested divorce enitirely online. All of our customers can complete and receive their attorney prepared paperwork online. Additionally, you can choose our Virtual Divorce Process that includes E-Notary and E-Filing services. Through our Virtual Divorce Process, we will provide the required notary services for you to execute your documents, and then we will take on the responsibility for filing your completed paperwork to start and then complete your divorce. With this option you will not have to print anything or go anywhere.

Our 15 Minute Online Interview

Most people have a lot of questions when starting their divorce. We know this because our team has processed tens of thousands of divorce cases. With the knowledge we have gained over the years, we have created a questionnaire that works like an online interview. We anticipate your questions and seek to answer them with our questionnaire. Yes, you read that right. The questions you have are often based in confusion surrounding what information you have to provide. We make that all very clear for you, so you can provide us what the court will need and expect to receive.

After you’ve completed the online interview, we review the information you’ve provided to us. If something isn’t clear, then we ask you for more information. If we see that you’ve provided information that we know from our experience a judge will question, then we ask you to further explain so we can make sure the final divorce documents will meet the standards set in Florida law.