Step by Step Divorce Process in Florida

The divorce process in Florida can be complicated and everyone has questions. Most often questions arise about the law and actual procedures in Florida. All Florida divorces are filed with and finalized by the appropriate Circuit court.

Uncontested Divorce Process in the State of Florida

Unless the married couple is able to reach an agreement with their spouse the court will issue a Final Judgement for Dissolution of Marriage that divide’s the couples’ property, debt, and issue orders for spousal support if warranted. Likewise, if there are minor children, the court will determine timesharing, and child support. By working out an agreement with your you can avoid the costs and lengthy divorce process of having the court make all the decisions. For couples who reach their own agreements, this is commonly known as an agreed divorce or uncontested divorce.

The following articles explain the relevant laws and processes in Florida. The articles are arranged by category to allow you to review multiple articles on specific topics.

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